The Borgias Season 2, Episode 3 – The Beautiful Deception

WARNING: Spoilers for The Borgias Season 2, Episode 3

The BorgiasNow this is more like it. After the slow previous episode, “Paolo”, we’ve moved on to more political machinations.

At the start of the episode, Lucrezia and Cesare discover Paolo’s body in the market. Cesare says that Paolo killed himself, pointing out the suicide note pinned to the body.

I have to admit, I didn’t get it. I was a bit slow on this one, but Lucrezia knew at once that it wasn’t a suicide. She points out later in the episode that Paolo couldn’t read or write. She knows that it had to have been Juan that killed Paolo.

When Rodrigo discovers this, he demands that Juan leave to marry a Spanish noble, moving back to Spain. Juan doesn’t get to leave without Lucrezia’s final shot, though. She places a candle to burn through the rope holding the chandelier over his bed. It crashes down and kills the woman he’s with.

Juan is a hothead and is obviously meant to be the bad guy, but you can see his point of view. If Lucrezia becomes pregnant again, without being married, then her reputation will be ruined. And, by association, so will the reputation of the Borgia family.

Elsewhere, the King of France is rallying his army and marching back towards Rome with the Sforzas at his side. Rodrigo demands that Vittoria manufacture a hundred cannons in a week. When Cesare checks to see how the cannons are progressing, he finds out that it would be a stretch to create one. They make a hundred cannons in plaster instead, painting them to look real and placing them on the battlements.

It works. The French King is convinced and retreats, bypassing Rome. It was a tense few minutes as the French army setup their lines of attack. Even though I knew that the plan had to work, I was still on tenterhooks, waiting for someone to spot a loose piece of plaster.

The Sforzas have probably played their last card now. You have to imagine that their race is run, now that Rodrigo has triumphed again. I would guess that once the French King has gone back to France, that Rodrigo will be relieving the Sforzas of their castle fairly promptly.

The highlights of the episode for me had to be Micheletto’s scenes. He’s obviously setup to be the bad ass of the series, but he’s also so much fun. If he’s not throwing knives with pinpoint accuracy, he’s stabbing guards to keep secrets. Sean Harris is excellent in the role, playing the silent but lethal man-at-arms to perfection.

Overall, more of this please.


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