The Borgias Season 2, Episode 4 – Stray Dogs

WARNING: Spoilers for The Borgias Season 2, Episode 4

The BorgiasAn action packed episode this week. In the aftermath of Cesare’s trick with the cannons, the French are in retreat across Italy. On their way, they are looting and burning everything they come across.

Micheletto comes to tell Cesare that French scouts have raided the convent where Ursula is. Cesare and Micheletto ride there and find the convent destroyed and the nuns murdered. Cesare swears vengeance.

He orders Micheletto to raise a band of cutthroats and they go on a guerrilla raid against the scouts. Capturing and torturing them, one of the scouts tells them that the French gunpowder is kept in the kitchen wagons.

Meanwhile, Rodrigo has agreed to help a league of allied Italian states against the French army. After the burning and pillaging that the French have subjected Italy to, all of the Italian states are willing to band together to rid themselves of the French once and for all.

Rodrigo has alternative plans, of course. He hopes that the two armies will wipe themselves out, leaving him with far less problems to deal with.

Cesare and Micheletto use the information about the gunpowder to blow it up just before the battle. This leaves the French without cannon and they are defeated in the battle.

Back in Rome, Lucrezia, Giulia and Vanozza have banded together to try to improve the lot of the poor. By threatening the cardinals with “separating out the chaff”, they successfully get water for the poor.

This was a great episode. There was a lot of action and political machinations. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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