The Focus for 2015

The EndBack in 2013, I started publish with The Bite on the Line and since then I’ve had a pretty eventful 18 months. I’ve started four series to date and love every one of them.

However, I’ve decided to set my focus on something for 2015, and that’s completion. I want to get the Bytarend finished with the massive bang that will be The Bite of a King. At least that’s the plan right now.

At the same time, I’m going to be writing two more seasons of Greenstar this year with Dave Higgins. We’re about halfway through season two and things are going better and better as our writing partnership progresses.

There’s a reason I’ve chosen completion as my word for 2015. 18 months since I first published isn’t all that long, considering the fourth book is due to come out in a little over a month. After all, a lot of other authors might only bring out one book in that time. However, I have such a long list of story ideas I really want to get to, that I want to close out Bytarend in style and then get to them.

That’s not to say that I’ve forgotten my other two series after Bytarend and Greenstar. I have a five book series in mind for Hard Vacuum and Cyberpunk Outlaws has always been a trilogy.

It’s difficult to juggle it all, of course. Just writing this blog post has taken me longer than it should have due to my son clamouring for attention every two minutes. I’ll get there, though. 12 months of hard writing and we might just see what happens to Bytarend when a royal army descends on it.


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