“The Golden Watch” Now Available

The Golden Watch (3d)I’ve just uploaded a new short story to my website called, “The Golden Watch”. I originally wrote this for a short story anthology that fell through, so it’s very different from anything I’d normally write.

‘Arthur lives in a retirement home with his husband, Chuck. A former cop, when Arthur’s gold watch goes missing, he goes investigating.’

It was a lot of fun to write and I really liked exploring something so different to anything I’d done before. If you’d like you can read it completely free:

Online – http://simoncantan.com/the-golden-watch/

*Remember to right click and “Save As” for the file versions:

Mobi/Kindle – http://simoncantan.com/ShortStories/TheGoldenWatch.mobi

Epub – http://simoncantan.com/ShortStories/TheGoldenWatch.epub

PDF – http://simoncantan.com/ShortStories/TheGoldenWatch.pdf

I have quite a few short stories available over on my short stories page: http://simoncantan.com/short-stories/

All of them are free to read.


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