The Grand Gesture for American Politics

American politics are suffering at the moment due to the vast amounts of money being pumped into the system. Lawrence Lessig did a recent TED Talk about that very subject:

I can’t claim to be as smart as Lawrence Lessig (or as well researched), but I have an idea of how removing money from politics can be achieved and it involves a grand gesture by all of the liberals in that country.

As Lawrence Lessig says, money in politics is more urgent than any other issue today. If people with a lot of money get to decide how a country is run, they’ll make it run for them. So whatever issue liberals and Democrats have, it will have to wait for an election cycle.

All liberals need to join the Republican party. Not just some or a small percentage, but anyone with any interest in politics and their own future needs to join the Republican party and register as a Republican.

Registered Republicans are allowed to vote in primary elections. If enough liberals join the Republican party and only vote on one issue, money in politics, then they can swing the primary elections towards candidates who at least promise to follow up on that issue.

Not only that, but they can also speak to the people they meet on the Republican side and convince them on that one issue. It’s difficult to argue against getting money out of politics. No matter who you are, if you’re not rich why would you want someone else controlling the country without your say so.

Why shouldn’t the right wingers join the Democratic party? That’s the grand gesture. Democrats and liberals give up a whole election in order to sort out one issue.

So what would happen? Well, let’s say that the majority of Democrats join the Republican party and that they elect candidates that say they’ll take money out of politics. Let’s say that the president and both houses become majority Republican. Let’s say that they immediately forget their campaign promises and don’t take money out of politics.

Well then the Republicans and right wingers have to make a grand gesture in return, in the next election cycle.

I’m an outsider, so I don’t know as much about American politics as people who live there, but it seems to me that there’s a lot of identifying with political parties as if they are sports teams. A political party is there to get your views heard. If they’re not doing that, then they aren’t worth your vote.

This grand gesture may be enough to get past the massive divide in American politics at the moment. To get people to realise that there will always be differences of opinion, but there is consensus too.


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