The Results from my Facebook Ads

EditingFor the last few days, I’ve been running some Facebook ads. I hit my current limit of $20, so I thought I’d share what I found out.

  1. In terms of book downloads, my current ad definitely isn’t worth it. I got about six extra downloads for the day yesterday. At a cost of about two dollars per download, that isn’t close to worth it. Book bargain emailers, even the less populated ones, get more than that per dollar.
  2. My audience seems to be older than I thought. The people responding to the ads, at least, tended to be male and over 35, with a spike in the 45-55 range. I do have some female readers who have contacted me, though, so that might be just the ad and not the books.
  3. Facebook ads reach thousands of people for the money. The amount of people seeing the ad was in the thousands. If you targeted an ad precisely and then ran it for a while, it would increase awareness.
  4. Writing a pitch that sells in 250 characters (the amount Facebook allows for text) is tough. You don’t get to say much. My next series might need a hook, rather than just funny fantasy, 80s action or cyberpunk superpowers.
  5. There’s a danger of Facebook ads becoming addictive. It’s quite close to gambling, but with more control. There’s a temptation to keep tweaking things and trying again.
  6. I still think Facebook ads would work well for a/b testing. Since you can filter people to different web pages, you can check which product description works best.
  7. Custom covers are ideal for the ads, as you can use a piece of the cover for the ad, increasing recognition for the book.
  8. People like the ad, even when they don’t follow the link. Which is strange. Some people even liked my author page on Facebook.

Overall, it was an interesting experiment. I think if I was going to try it again, I’d want to have more free time to design a dozen ads and run them all, comparing the results from each and optimising more.


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