The Siege Perilous Podcast reviews my book!

The Siege Perilous Podcast just reviewed my book, “The Bite on the End of the Line”:

They ended up giving the book 3.5 grails out of 5, because they didn’t love every bit of it, but I loved every bit of their podcast. Mostly, I enjoyed listening because they all talked about laughing at different times during the book.

It gave me a little bit of an insight into what I value most in a reader. While they found the plot a little meandering, it was far more important to me that they all found it funny. Hearing a long discussion like that about my book helped me a great deal for my work going forward.

A massive thank you to Eric Guindon, Jason Helferty, Jason Miller, Sean Helferty and Ted Whitmell.


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2 thoughts on “The Siege Perilous Podcast reviews my book!

  1. I listened to the review and to the interview—because, of course, I was mentioned in both of them. My ultimate listening criteria.

    No, but seriously, awesome, dude! I’m glad you had a good time. Guindon and the boys are great reviewers and I love listening to their podcasts.

    • I’ve become a convert to their podcast too. Their reviews really get into everything that’s good and bad about a book. I’m looking forward to hearing their thoughts on Midrealm (Maybe the first to score above 4?)

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