The Wide Spread of Creativity

Gaming Game MouseA friend of mine over on Google+, Myron Dansby, has just started a community looking to bring gamers and ideas for games together with game makers. The idea is an interesting one.

The community is going to be focusing on games that might not get a lot of attention, but nevertheless have a lot of people wanting to play them: games that are suitable for the whole family.

It’s something that gets overlooked in gaming circles often, in favour of Grand Theft Autos and Mass Effects. Not that there’s anything wrong with those games. But sometimes it’s nice to have a game you can play with the whole family.

Nintendo has cornered the market on that particular brand, of course. They’re known mostly as the console with the family-friendly games. I know that if I load up Mario Carts for my son, he’s not going to see anything inappropriate.

So I think the community is a great idea. But it also had me thinking about the wide reach of creativity these days. Already, anyone can publish a book, make a video or record a song. Game making is perhaps the last frontier in terms of creation and publishing. After all, to use anything more than in-game tool, you need to have quite a bit of technical knowledge.

Of course, the other three need a lot of knowledge too, but the technical barriers aren’t there. So you can work hard on your writing and know you can publish without having to know how to code. You can record your video, edit it in simple tools and get millions of views (if you’re good enough). If you’re a great musician, pointing a camera-phone and pressing record might even get you noticed.

Creating a game isn’t quite that easy. It still requires a lot of technical knowledge to produce. Companies have been trying to make it easier all the way back to the 90s (and possibly beyond), but it still requires technical expertise.

So Myron’s community is a way of giving gamers with great ideas a way to connect with people who could bring their ideas to life. Head on over and check it out:


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