Things that make me Write Faster

paperwhitweFor the past two weeks, I’ve been gathering a lot of statistics on how and when I write. The reason being that I wanted to see if there was anything I could do to speed up my writing process.

This was not only on when I write, but to try to narrow in on why I miss days when I do.

I keep statistics normally, but this was more comprehensive, so here are the results.

Things that speed me up

Action tends to be the fastest thing for me to write, and talking the slowest. Which I had guessed, but it was good to see some figures supporting that. (18% difference)

Writing in my lunch break is about 21% slower than writing before work. Writing before work is also 6% faster than writing after work. So I should probably do that more often.

If I get 9.5 hours sleep the night before I write, I’m 50% faster than if I get 7 hours sleep. If I get 9 hours, I’m 24% faster. So the more sleep I get, the better I write.

If I watch a 5 minute YouTube video after I eat, it speeds me up in the following session by 29% over just going straight from eating to writing.

Things that stopped me from writing

Stress. Pretty much that’s the main reason. Either stress from my day-job (the most common reason), or doing lots of things that day. Lack of sleep also played a huge part here. If I got too little sleep multiple days in a row, then I didn’t write at all.


This is obviously a limited set of data, but going forward the things I need to do more of are:

  • Writing before work, before I’ve had a chance to get stressed out by my day-job;
  • Getting a full night’s sleep. I need a lot of sleep and always have;
  • Taking five minutes to watch YouTube before writing actually speeds me up. Obviously any longer and it’s eating into writing time, but five minutes is okay.

On writing action, books would be pretty boring if they were non-stop action, so there’s not much I can do there.


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