Thoughts about Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 8

Warning: Spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 8

A cracker of an episode that has to be one of my favourites so far this season.  It started with Arya and the Hound. Surprisingly, the Hound is doing the right thing and taking her to her family. Since Arya has been trying to get back to them for a long time now, it would be nice to see them finally reunited. However, Robb may not survive long if Melisandre’s magic has anything to do with it.

Which, for me at least, led to the interesting thought of who would lead the armies of the North if Robb dies? As far as everyone knows, Bran and Rickon are dead. Sansa is under enemy control. So would Arya then be in charge. If Melisandre is right in the previous episode, Arya could be responsible for a lot of people dying if she were in charge.

We caught up with Daenerys and her continuing siege of Yunkai. Mercenaries called the Second Sons arrived. While I enjoyed the surrounding scenes, the bits with the Second Sons seemed a little clunky. They end up teaming up, so Daenerys now has a massive army. An army she’s going to have to feed and water in the middle of a desert, so she’ll have to move quickly to stay on top of things.

We got some more from Stannis and Melisandre. I don’t find Stannis hugely appealing, but I did like the scene where Melisandre tells him the lamb never sees her knife coming. As the bastard son of Robert, Gendry is presumably just as viable a candidate as Stannis.

Stannis talks to Davos and ask him if the Lord of Light isn’t real, how could Melisandre being doing what she’s doing. I got a little annoyed that Davos didn’t point out that normal, dark magic could do the same things. Especially since dragons are rising and magic is returning.

The most entertaining part of the episode for me, however, was the weddings in King’s Landing. Tyrion is doing his best to be decent, despite being treated poorly by just about everyone around him. He has saved his family, been true to Shae and won’t bed Sansa until she’s ready. Really, someone should be cutting him a break.

Joffrey behaved like a true king again, abusing his power and threatening to rape Sansa. He reminds me often of Henry VIII in the Tudors TV series.

In terms of acting, both Sophie Turner playing Sansa and Jack Gleeson playing Joffrey are to be commended. They both play them amazingly well. While their characters are difficult to relate to, you never doubt that they’re real people.

I think Peter Dinklage is great as Tyrion, but he’s a relatable, charismatic character. Joffrey is a horrible person and a psychopath. The fact that people despise him so much is a powerful testament to Jack Gleeson.

Likewise, Sansa is infuriatingly naïve and often downright idiotic, but her whole personality is believable, and you’re infuriated with the person.

The actors in general in this show are exceptional. You never once feel drawn out of a scene by a poorly delivered line.

Finally, I wanted to say a few words about the leeches. Namely, yes, please. If Robb, Joffrey and Balon die by the end of the season, it sets up exciting things for season 4. Arya/Catelyn in charge of the north; Theon as heir apparent in the Iron Islands; Joffrey’s brother as the new king?


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