Thoughts on Da Vinci’s Demons Season 1, Episode 3

Warning: Spoilers for Da Vinci’s Demons Season 1, Episode 3

After a couple of scenario setting episodes in one and two, episode three seems to be a taste of what the show will be week-by-week. Da Vinci goes to a convent to find out why the nuns are being possessed by demons.

Guilino Medici gets there first and is similarly looking for some other reason other than demons. Within five seconds of getting there, one of his men kisses the feet of a religious statue and I realised what was causing it. Later on, when the nuns are shown kissing the feet of the statue, it felt a bit like being hit over the head with it.

However, forgetting the whole poison thing, other parts of the episode were more interesting. Guilino and Leonardo had a confrontation when they first see each other at the convent. When they go off to talk in private, I was expecting some kind of reconciliation. After all, they’re both on the same side. They’re both loyal to Florence and are likely to be killed in any coming war.

Guilino is a noble, so that Leonardo is treating him so poorly has to have consequences later on. Guilino has been shown to be hot-headed, so it’s not beyond thinking that he’ll just chop off Leonardo’s head, in spite of any consequences for the city.

The Book of Leaves seems to be in South America. There was a believability stretching sequence where Leonardo not only knows the contours of the coast of Africa, despite maps at the time having it more of a square shape, but figures out continental drift. I mentioned in my previous post that suspension of disbelief has to be cranked up a bit to watch this show, but they do walk a fine line.

Overall, I thought the episode was good. The stand outs, as previously are Tom Riley as Leonardo and Blake Ritson as Riario. They’re just a perfect counter-balance of each other. One bouncy and full of enthusiasm, the other quietly plotting and scheming. As Riario tells the Pope he wants to convert Leonardo, you can see an engaging battle of wits filling out the season.

The series is showing no signs of weakness so far. The things powering it through are the sheer enthusiasm and action. At the moment, they’re more than enough reason to keep watching.


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