Thoughts on Da Vinci’s Demons Season 1, Episode 6

Warning: Spoilers for Da Vinci’s Demons Season 1, Episode 6

This was a bit of a throwaway episode as we near the end of the season. Da Vinci is told to go on a quest, to rescue the Abyssinian from Count Dracula. In a lot of ways, this episode reminded me of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, where Indiana Jones met every famous person alive during the time period. Since Dracula was alive, Da Vinci has to meet him.

The sub-plots, however, were far more compelling for me. Guilino Medici is trying to find the spy in Florence. He’s showing more and more that he’s underestimated by a lot of the people around him. Rather than being the dullard soldier, he’s concentrating on things that Lorenzo should be paying more attention to.

Lorenzo’s wife makes a pass at Guilino and gets gently rebuffed. She then orchestrates for him to get married to their competitor’s daughter. I’m not quite sure if that’s in retaliation for being turned down, or what. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s also a Roman spy. She was cleared earlier in the season, but she’s acting quite suspiciously at the moment. It seems like she’s doing whatever she can to distract Guilino.

Lorenzo is busy starting a war with the money he gained from the Spanish crown. He meets a neighbouring ruler who is a lot more aggressive than the Medicis. Lorenzo manages to wrangle an ally out of the deal, and they agree to attack the Roman holdings in the north. It seems like Lorenzo could end up getting all of Florence ex-communicated, if he hasn’t already. Unlike today, that was a major deal at the time and could lead to uprisings.

We got to see a little more behind the scenes in Rome, where we saw a side of Riario that maybe wasn’t apparent earlier. He seems to be walking a thin line at the moment. If he doesn’t get a victory soon, his days may be numbered.

Riario orders the death of Lucrezia, but somehow I don’t think they’ll succeed. If they do, I’ll be extremely surprised, at least. She seems like too important a character to kill off. Important enough that maybe they should do it just to prove they can. The show has the potential to break new ground, or it can fall into a case of the week format. This episode showed fragments of being that, but hopefully it was just a filler episode and we’ll back to the action next week.


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