Thoughts on Da Vinci’s Demons Season 1, Episode 7

Warning: Spoilers for Da Vinci’s Demons Season 1, Episode 7

After a week off, Da Vinci’s Demons is back with a bang. The previous episode was a little slow, but this one raced through. I found myself fast-forwarding frantically through the ad breaks, wanting to see what would happen next.

This episode saw both Da Vinci assaulting the Vatican itself to try to get the second key to the Book of Leaves and Giulino completing his investigation to find the Roman spy in their midst.

The infiltration of the Vatican was brilliant fun, with Da Vinci inventing diving in order to get inside. I’ve begun to love the ridiculousness of the series in dealing with these things. At the start, it bothered me a little, but now I love every one of them.

Da Vinci gets to see the Vatican archives, full of all of the wonders of the world. He has essentially a revolver masquerading as a crossbow. It has to be highly relevant that he’s left that behind the archives. I can already see the whole Roman army equipped with revolving crossbows.

He gets the spear of Longinus and manages to escape by killing a guard. The spear seems to be somehow magical. Which kind of confirms what we saw in last week’s episode, that magic exists in this world. Dracula can fall thirty metres and survive, and Longinus’s spear can pierce any armour.

Meanwhile, outside, Nico and Zo capture Riario in what has to be one of the worst planned counter-assaults ever. Riario uses the diving suit to surprise Zo, but then Nico coldcocks him. Riario ends up tied to a tree. Nico then attempts to stab him in the chest. For a moment, I thought we were suddenly getting some realism in the show, when the blade stops dead (Which it most likely would if you tried to stab someone’s ribcage). However, the key is around Riario’s neck, and Nico has saved the day.

Leonardo, meanwhile, finds Lucrezia’s father and works out that Lucrezia is the Roman spy. Why Lucrezia’s father doesn’t want to escape is a mystery, but one I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

Leonardo meets back up with Nico and Zo. They choose not to kill Riario, even after Nico already tried to stab him, and go back to Florence.

Riario can’t have much of a future anyway. The Pope said he would kill him if he failed again, and he’s now failed in the worst way possible.

Back in Florence, things are moving quickly for Giulino. He finally gets together with Vanessa after a lot of flirting in the last couple of episodes. Giulino is probably my favourite character in the show, so I was glad to see him get a little happiness after being forced into a marriage with his enemy’s daughter.

We see a meeting among the self-same enemies. Quite predictably, they’re going to betray Lorenzo. Giulino is right yet again, and Lorenzo is wrong. Just as I wondered last week who the smarter brother was, so we see yet again that Lorenzo has misstepped.

Likewise, Lorenzo’s ally has gone to Rome to pledge his loyalty there. This could be all part of a cunning plan, but it didn’t seem that way in the episode.

Giulino gets new information about the spy from Rome and discovers it’s Lucrezia. He hunts her down and finally corners her just as Roman agents are about to kill her. Giulino kills the Roman agents and confronts Lucrezia. Backed into a corner, Lucrezia stabs him in the stomach and Giulino dies.

*Sigh*. Oh well, there goes the second smartest character in the series, in my opinion, floating off down the river.

So what does this mean for everyone else in the show? Well, Lucrezia is now in the clear. Giulino and his aide were the only people who knew her identity, as far as she knows. So she can safely return to Florence. She also knows that Rome is looking to have her killed, so Florence is her best bet.

Giulino being killed means that Lorenzo is now highly exposed. Pazzi can now have him killed at any time, without fearing repercussions.

So, the only person left with any insight is Leonardo. What he’ll decide to do with his new information is an open question.

Things seem to be closing in for the Medici’s and Florence. If Lorenzo falls, Leonardo will have to flee or work for the Vatican. There’s only one episode left in this season, and I can’t wait to see what happens.


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