Thoughts on Da Vinci’s Demons Season 1, Episode 8

Warning: Spoilers for Da Vinci’s Demons Season 1, Episode 8

Well, that ended on a hell of a cliff-hanger. From what I’ve read, they’re already working on season 2, but that was a remarkably brave way to end a season, if a little frustrating.

In this episode, we got to see that Giuliano is still alive, albeit not for long. I understand why he needed to come back to Florence, but I just felt like his “death” in episode 7 was a far stronger way for him to go out. We found out as well that Vanessa is pregnant with his child, which seemed a little sudden. Also, I don’t know how reliable the blood and urine mixed test is.

Meanwhile, we get to see a meeting of the Sons of Mithras from thirteen years before. They reveal that Da Vinci’s is a kind of chosen one, despite presumably being extremely young at the time. The show has gotten decidedly mystical in the last few episodes, with Dracula, the spear of Longinus and now the “chosen one”. It’s not what drew me to the show initially, but I’m willing to overlook it for the other elements of the show.

Before returning to Florence, Giuliano meets Captain Dragonetti and figures out that Dragonetti knew about Lucrezia all along. Dragonetti chooses not to kill Giuliano for unclear reasons. My wife said that it was because Giuliano said that Dragonetti had risen on his own skills and not nepotism. This didn’t seem clear enough to me.

Lucrezia returns as well, slipping into Da Vinci’s workshop. She and Da Vinci have what was, for me, an unconvincing confrontation. I just felt like I couldn’t get a handle on where either of them were coming from. Da Vinci knew earlier that Lucrezia was a spy, but asked Lorenzo for her. Now he suddenly can’t stand the sight of her. Lucrezia, meanwhile, has killed and tried to kill several people and now suddenly regrets it. It just seemed too muddy for me.

Da Vinci is told that he needs to get on a specific ship in order to reach South America. He buys passage but then chooses instead to save Lorenzo. This was the strongest part of the episode, in my opinion. I had no idea if he would stay or go. Both paths seemed equally desirable, especially after Lorenzo and Da Vinci’s talk about how much they love Florence.

In the final scene, the Pazzi conspirators make their move. There was a lot to love here. The priests pulling out knives was an amusing touch. Lucrezia saves Lorenzo’s family. Giuliano dies in Vanessa’s arms. Da Vinci saves Lorenzo. And Riario has a massive cannon. I’ll be looking forward to seeing where this show picks up next year.


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