Thoughts on Dexter Season 6, Episode 10 – Ricochet Rabbit


WARNING: Spoilers for Dexter Season 6, Episode 10

Dexter - Ricochet RabbitAfter last weeks slightly shonky episode, this one took a dramatic turn for the worse. Travis has a heated argument with his imaginary friend and then storms off to find new recruits, leaving Dexter trapped in the basement… for about ten seconds until Dexter opens the other door.

Dexter then gets rid of all of the evidence that Gellar is dead in order to kill Travis himself, because he’s worth it.

I remember back in season one, Dexter’s modus operandi was taking care of murderers who escape justice on technicalities. He seems not to follow that code so much any more.

Dexter traces Travis down through an angry, and very revealing, blog reply, which leads directly back to Travis. I was wondering if the rest of the police are reading the blog, but apparently only Louis is. The prime suspect in a murder case is talking about what he’s doing and why, and only Dexter and Louis are reading it.

Wormwood is discussed as a disease that will smite all mankind and everyone agrees it will probably just be one victim again. Don’t they think the DDKs will want to go out with a bang?

Travis and his two recruits kidnap Holly Benson on a nice big yacht that Holly has access to. I don’t really understand how they tracked her down so easily. Dexter had to do a lot of maneuvering and checking to find her, but they drive up a good few hours before him.,

Travis slits Holly’s throat in a scene that made me go “Eww”, and I’m not easily grossed out. It was just so sudden and unexpected that it had an impact. Which was a good point in a mostly sloppy episode.

At the end, Dexter flips out about killing Travis, like a teenager told he has to take out the trash. I guess killing footsoldiers isn’t enough. Then, in a move too dumb to contemplate, Dexter calls 911 and uses his normal voice to leave a warning.

So, the lieutenant in charge of the case – his sister, not to mention the rest of the department, won’t recognise Dexter’s voice on the call? Does he not know that 911 calls are recorded? It was a total gap in logic that I hope will be explained later, but the way this season is going, I presume it won’t.

It sounds like I’m totally down on the show now, but I’m not. It just seems like the writers had a cool idea for a couple of killers, but didn’t know where they were going to take it. So their cool idea crumbled in their fingers and became nothing. Right now, it just seems like they’re trying to wrap it up quickly and be done with it. Only two episodes left of the season, so not much to go. I do like that it’s a shorter season, if this had been 20 episodes, I might have stopped watching soon.


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