Thoughts on Dexter Season 6, Episode 7 – Nebraska

WARNING: Spoilers for Dexter Season 6, Episode 7


Dexter NebraskaThis was a strange episode. Dexter takes a break from tracking the Doomsday Killers after he hears that Trinity’s wife and daughter have been killed. He instantly suspects Trinity’s son, Jonah.

Dexter is now being shadowed by his late brother, Brian Moser. His brother was, of course, the Ice-Truck Killer and a more traditional psychopath. He’s convinced that Dexter is really an out-and-out killer at heart and not just of other murderers.

I really like Chritian Camargo as Dexter’s brother, Brian, so I was happy to see him back on the show. He is a really good representation of Dexter’s own self-doubt. However, we have gone over this ground a lot of times before in previous seasons, so this wasn’t anything particularly new.

Meanwhile, Debra has her first COMPSTAT meeting and gets grilled by LaGuerta. They had an interesting conversation afterwards, where LaGuerta reveals that she was just as nervous as Debra was. It’s difficult to know what to believe when it comes to LaGuerta. She lies so readily, that you can’t really tell when she’s being genuine or not.

Quinn and Debra had a nice conversation about their relationship, ending with them finally calling it quits for good. I’m kind of glad that this is now over. Quinn’s self-destruction was interesting, but I wouldn’t want it to take up more time. He’s not an idiot, so if he kept acting like one, his character might have lost some believability.

Travis is trying his best to pull away from Prof. Gellar, but to be honest, I wasn’t too interested in that storyline. It just felt a bit too wishy-washy. Travis obviously doesn’t like killing people and we haven’t really seen why he got into it in the first place. Sure, he read Gellar’s books, but is that a reason to murder a bunch of people?

Finally, there was a small detour around a motel owner who tried to blackmail Dexter. This was another piece of the story that I wasn’t convinced by. Unless his death comes back to haunt Dexter, it kind of felt extraneous.

Overall, this was a strange episode. Not bad, necessarily, just a little off the beaten path. I did celebrate when Harry Morgan got back in the car, though. Hopefully things will pick up again in the next episode.


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