Thoughts on Dexter Season 6, Episode 8 – Sin of Omission


WARNING: Spoilers for Dexter Season 6, Episode 8


This episode was a blend of the extremely obvious and the quite thrilling. Dexter returns from his Nebraska trip to a mightily pissed off Debra. She reluctantly forgives him after he spins her a lie about him needing time to mourn Brother Sam.

Travis, meanwhile, is trying his best to distance himself from Gellar. As I said in my review of the previous episode, I’m not sure how Travis fell in with Gellar in the first place. He’s pretty certain that Gellar is a nut-job now, with very little convincing needed, so why did he ever believe Gellar?

Travis is staying with his sister, who might as well have a bullseye painted on her. From the moment Travis first visited her, she was obviously going to die. Sure enough, she turns up as the whore of Babylon. I did jump a little when Gellar popped out at Travis with the shovel, though.

LaGuerta is sniffing around the overdose of a high-class escort. As soon as she showed up, it was fairly obvious that she had some connection to the case. There was no way it was just going to be about the numbers. It was so obvious, I even thought it might be a double bluff. That she was going to get Debra into trouble, through investigating where she shouldn’t. It turned out to be a lot more straight-forward and obvious, though.

The final bit of obvious plot was the pen from Nebraska. When Dexter picked it up, it might as well have read, “Hey, I visited Jonah!” I don’t understand why Dexter hadn’t thrown it straight in the bin. He’s usually pretty careful.

As I said above, though, the episode also had some thrills to it. Particularly Dexter’s rush over to the church, to find Gellar. I also enjoyed his interaction with the priest. They are hitting religion pretty hard this season, though.

Overall, I can see why people might have been a little disatisfied with this season. It has a few predictable moments, but not enough to stop me watching.


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