Thoughts on Dexter Season 6, Episode 9 – Get Gellar

WARNING: Spoilers for Dexter Season 6, Episode 9

Dexter S6E9This episode was kind of a counterpoint to the previous episode, reversing many of the decisions made in episode eight.

Deb decides to reopen the overdosed escort case. Which was obviously going to happen. The person on the phone is revealed to be the Deputy Chief and LaGuerta seems somehow pleased with the whole thing.

I had suspected that the man on the phone would be the Deputy Chief. Dexter is a show that tends to keep its list of characters low. If something is going to happen, it usually happens between characters we’ve already seen. Like how the victims of the serial killers in the show are often members of the main cast. You’d think Miami had a population of 200 people.

Debra even points this out in her interview with her psychiatrist. That horrible things continue to happen to her. The psychiatrist then says she needs to break the cycle. This rang kind of false to me. How exactly is falling victim to manipulation or having your boyfriend killed in front of you a cycle?

Dexter, meanwhile, is using Travis to try to track down Gellar. I’ll skip to the end for a second, and come back to the tracking portion. The big reveal of the episode, of course, is that Gellar has been dead for weeks. Dexter finds him in a freezer and realises – Travis is the real killer! Dun-dun-dun. Or done, really. This has been done so often that it wasn’t a dramatic reveal at all.

Not that I anticipated it. I didn’t think that Travis was imagining Gellar. I’ve just seen it so much before that I wasn’t shocked.

So, going back to the tracking of Gellar, there are now any number of problems with the story. Firstly, in the lift, Dexter is stuck for about a minute when Travis appears with an axe to save him. How exactly did Travis stop the lift, run up four flights of stairs, kill Casey, hide the body, find an axe and open the doors in one minute. They needed a fade in and out to represent the passing of time, but they didn’t have one. Instead, Travis seems to also be the Flash.

Next, Travis wakes up in the hotel room and finds a message scrawled on the wall. So he’s apparently just killed Casey, eviscerated him and returned to the hotel room with a human hand. All without getting a drop of blood on the clothes he hasn’t changed out of in a day?

Finally, Dexter goes to the church with Travis and agrees to go in the back door. He then spends half an hour farting around with his knives before going into the main room? I thought Dexter wanted to kill this guy? I thought that Travis just needed to stall him for a little bit? It seems very unlike Dexter to just stand there talking with his own imaginary friend for so long.

All in all, this episode was quite bad. The writing seems to be taking a bit of a nose-dive near the end of the season. The acting and direction are keeping it watchable, but the show really needs to watch out. If the characters start behaving in unbelievable ways, they run the risk of losing me for good.


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