Thoughts on Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 10

Warning: Spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 10

As usual, the Game of Thrones finale was a little bit of a let-down after the events of episode nine. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and the hour flew by.

We started off seeing the Stark forces getting massacred, and Arya and the Hound getting away. Frankly, I think we could have dropped it. I didn’t honestly see anything I hadn’t already expected to happen.

Once that was over, though, we got to far more intriguing stuff, with Tyrion getting to hear of Robb’s death. Joffrey could barely contain his joy at the news, and he went even further in his despicableness. He tells them that he’s going to feed Robb’s head to Sansa at a feast. There seems to be no depth Joffrey won’t sink to. Tyrion stands up to him, and Tywin joins in.

It seems to me that Joffrey might actually be realising that he’s a king in name only. Tywin is the real power on the Lannister side. The question is what he’s going to do about it. Joffrey is a spoiled brat who thinks he’s the supreme ruler of the kingdom. I wonder if he’ll try to make a move against Tyrion or Tywin. To me, that seems the most likely way he could be killed at this stage.

Bran & company are up at the Night Fort, where they run into Sam and Gilly. Sam promptly gives them all of his Dragonglass. Considering that these are the only things that can kill white walkers, Sam is remarkably cavalier about them – leaving one back at the abandoned house where they fought the white walker and then giving the rest away.

We get to see a little of the aftermath of Walder Frey’s castle. This seemed like something else we could have jumped over. Both Walder Frey and Roose Bolton are characters we’ve barely seen until now. I understand that maybe they’re being set up for larger roles later on, but that’s something for episode one of season four, in my opinion.

We catch up with Theon, still being tortured by Ramsay Snow. There was some confusion about who Ramsay was, from what I read online. I just always assumed he was the “bastard” that was talked about by Robb, but it seems like some people weren’t sure.

Other than confirming Theon has lost his manhood and has been rechristened “Reek”, there wasn’t too much there. I do like Ramsay Snow, but I think that’s just because I loved Simon in Misfits so much.

Later on, we get to see that Theon’s sister is setting up a kick-ass rescue, that presumably will happen early in season four.

Jon Snow gets shot by Ygritte, something I didn’t see coming, but he rides off, so he’ll obviously survive. As someone mentioned on the What the Flick review of the episode, no-one in Game of Thrones dies of gangrene.

Davos frees Gendry, but uses a message he’s found to save his own skin. Sam has sent messages to every castle, and everyone now knows the white walkers are coming. Davos mentions this, which comes as a complete surprise to Stannis and Melisandre. Considering Melisandre is meant to be able to see the future, I would have thought this would clue Stannis into the fact that she’s full of it.

He takes the new direction without a second thought though. Frankly, he seemed like a bull-headed idiot. He is so easily led astray by Melisandre that he can’t even see her shortcomings. Davos isn’t necessarily that much smarter either, since he keeps tempting fate by crossing Melisandre.

As to Melisandre, I don’t think she’s particularly smart either. She seems to be following rituals she’s learnt and doing her best to interpret them, but not quite understanding anything behind them.

We got to see Arya’s first grown-up kill. The boy she killed before seemed more an accident than anything else, but this was cold-blooded and savage. I think she may have found a willing tutor in the Hound. The only question is if that’s truly what she needs right now.

Finally, we got to see Daenerys meeting the inhabitants of Yunkai. This was totally pointless, I thought. Pretty much any other scene from this episode would have worked better as a season end. Despite the tenth episode usually being lacklustre, the last frame was usually striking. This just seemed overblown and silly.

Daenerys says that the slaves can only free themselves. Then she becomes their unquestioning ruler. She walks through the crowd and then gets lifted up by them.

Someone, again on What the Flick, pointed out that we’ve ended on Daenerys, then the white walkers, then Daenerys. Maybe setting the whole future of the show?

Overall, this was a usual episode for the season finale. Just a catch up for everyone. The season hasn’t been as strong as the previous two, in my opinion. It’s still the best thing on TV, with only Breaking Bad coming close, but there’s just too much fragmentation to have just ten episodes.


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