Thoughts on Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 6

Warning: Spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 6

So, in my post about the previous episode, I posited a theory that the Tyrells had planned the proposed marriage to Sansa just to cultivate Loras’s marriage to Cersei. This episode, however, seems to undercut my theory, since Lady Olenna is fighting quite hard not to have Loras marry Cersei. Of course, she has a point that Cersei doesn’t have many childbearing years left, but it seemed otherwise like an ideal match for the Tyrells.

The main flow of the story, however, was following Jon Snow and his climb up the wall. This episode was a breath of fresh air after a lot of episodes with tiny segments of each character. I’ve noticed that there seems to be a strong divide in people’s opinions about this episode.

People who have read the books seem to prefer the episodes with a little bit of everyone. I’m presuming that’s because they’ve got a lot of background and they want to see highlights of things from the books.

However, people who haven’t read the books want a more thorough story. In my opinion, this was the best episode so far this season, because it mostly followed a single character and their story. There was a lot of substantial character development here.

Jon Snow in season one was my least favourite character. I just didn’t see the point in following him up to the wall and distracting from the main story. In season two, he continued to be a distraction, with a lot of his story telling about things that could be just background. He’s come to have a substantial place in the story now, though, since he seems to be the lynchpin for the events in the north.

Frankly, as well, Ygritte makes him a more interesting character. She’s a fascinating character in her own right and the quandary she’s putting Jon Snow in, is fantastic to watch. I think that we’ll see the two of them rise to become very important in future episodes.

We had a very short scene from Sam, which I thought we could have skipped in favour of showing Tyrion telling Sansa that they have to marry. The scene with Bran was similar, in that it didn’t really add anything other than just “check in” with them.

Otherwise, the highlight for me in this episode was Arya and Melisandre. I’m pretty sure Gendry is going to a sacrificial death, so Arya was right to distrust Melisandre. We also see that the Brotherhood are more about their religion than freeing the people. Melisandre looking into Arya’s eyes and saying that she sees death there was a great setup for the future.

I don’t know if we’re ever going to get that far, but I’d love to see Arya as a young woman warrior, similar to Brienne. Poor, poor Brienne, who is likely to be killed for treachery. She’s one of my favourite characters, but she’s pretty much doomed. If there’s one thing that’s true in Game of Thrones, being honourable gets you killed.


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