Thoughts on Interstellar

WARNING: Spoilers for Interstellar ahead!

interstellarposterInterstellar was one of the movies I regretted not seeing in the cinema last year. Being a huge science-fiction fan, it was right up my alley. However life doesn’t cooperate with cinema times especially well and I had to wait until iTunes had it for purchase this week.

Interstellar is a long movie, at three hours. I don’t tend to like movies that long, because it usually means the director is just being self-indulgent. However, Interstellar is a movie in three separate phases, each of which really deserved its own space.

The first phase, set on Earth, explores an ecological disaster in Earth’s future. From what characters say, it would seem to be about 2050 or so. The disaster they’ve picked is a blight wiping out global food crops. The world they’ve setup is very believable.

I’m always a little mystified as to why filmmakers don’t use climate change as an impending disaster, since that something that’s actually going to happen. But perhaps it would be too much stark reality for a movie.

I found the first phase entertaining enough, but I was yawning a little about forty minutes in. It was well acted and interesting enough, but I was happy when the actual space stuff started happening.

The second phase was the real winner for me. Heading up toward Saturn, they showed absolutely amazing images of Saturn, along with the wormhole and everything afterwards. Images like those in science fiction movies always make me alternate between giddyness and frustration that we aren’t doing more to get there.

This second phase, along with the first, were very much on the realistic end of scienc fiction. Albeit with some liberties taken to make an entertaining movie. And I was gripped the whole way through.

I did find it a little distracting when every part seemed to be a well-known actor. However, that’s a minor quibble with an otherwise very entertaining section.

The third phase was kind of troublesome. Hollywood just can’t seem to let a hero die or do any less than saving the entire planet. Instead, they throw a piece of time manipulation into the movie that wouldn’t be out of place in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

So, humans in the future manipulated space and time to save the human race in the past. However, there had to be an initial timeline where they didn’t. So humans in the initial timeline died out, meaning they couldn’t save their race. I know, it’s a movie, but it was still very silly.

Once they got that out of the way, however, I did enjoy Cooper meeting his daughter after all that time. Matthew McConaughey is a great actor, as he showed in True Detective last year. The scene was very touching.

I also liked the vision of the future. My giddyness wavering when I think of how we’re barely even trying to achieve it at the moment. Other than Elon Musk, of course.

Overall, the time manipulation was very silly and almost detracted from an otherwise great movie. I give Interstellar 5/5 stars and would highly recommend it.


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