Thoughts on Masters of Sex Season 1, Episode 2

WARNING: Spoilers for “Masters of Sex” Season 1, Episode 2


Masters of SexThe second episode of “Masters of Sex” starts with Johnson mulling over what her reply to Masters will be, after his proposal that they have sex in the previous episode. Mixed in with her ruminations, we get a snapshot of her hectic homelife. Johnson finally settles on an answer for Masters, but she never gets to tell him, as he fires her for presumed indiscretions.

Later on in the episode, we get to see that Masters isn’t really proposing that he and Johnson have sex for science. Which was pretty much the assumption in the previous episode anyway.

It’s striking in two scenes in the episode, that the women involved seem to believe that the men’s intentions are only pure. Both with Johnson believing herself a prude for not wanting to have sex with Masters, and with Jane Martin outraged that Dr. Langham and she might have enjoyed sex together without the science.

It may be a sign of the times, but I think most women would assume that the men had multiple motivations these days, at the very least.

Masters has to take his study out of the university, after the dean finds out about his couples trials. He finds a brothel willing to stage the trials, but the women there pretty quickly label him as a weirdo. Which, from what we’ve seen of him, he pretty much is. He seems to have extreme socialisation issues, lacing any understanding of how people are reacting to him.

Which means that he needs Johnson just as much as she needs him. So, Johnson manages to work her way out of being fired and is back in the game.

Dr. Haas, meanwhile, is trying his best to get over Johnson. He thinks that it’s Johnson’s sexual adventurousness that drew him to her, but he finds out that love doesn’t work that way. Despite trying to shag Johnson out of his mind, he is still drawn back to her. Personally, I doubt she’ll take him back. She doesn’t seem like the kind of woman that will put up with physical violence against her. If he hits her, can she really trust him around her children?

The show is still as griping in the second episode as it was in the first. As I said in my review of the first episode, the subject matter is quite dry, but the cast, direction and writing are keeping me interested. You have to marvel at HBO. Even if I’m not particularly interest in a show, like “The Wire” for instance, I still keep watching. I don’t know what they’re doing behind the scenes, but whatever it is, it’s working.


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