Too Excited to Sleep

Season One Intro Pack (3D)I’ve been having trouble sleeping in the last few weeks. I always do when I can’t stop thinking about things. With Greenstar launching in a week’s time and Hard Vacuum 2 in December, I have more than enough to think about.

Since I’m part-time, I can’t write and release books as often as I’d like, so I average about three a year. Or at least I have for the past couple of years, since I started self-publishing. So having one about to publish and one almost done is a little much for my poor, little brain to handle.

Added to that, I’ve decided to go Amazon exclusive with my books for a while to see how that goes. That’s exposed me to just how difficult it is and isn’t to remove a book from publishing on various platforms. On Kobo, Wattpad and Google, it was just a button click. Smashwords was a button click with a few days waiting. Scribl doesn’t have a button. I then contacted support and didn’t get a reply. Then their whole website went down. So I’m glad I didn’t put more than my first book up there.

All in all, I’m kind of jittery right now. I’m actually hoping that the Amazon exclusivity works out, because it would make my life a little easier. Every time I want to update a book, it would be a single place to update, which would be good. Ditto for the sales pages and keeping track of statistics.

I know every author wants their books to succeed, but after investing all of my free time this year, including my holiday time, in writing, I really, really hope people like them. Not that it will stop me if they don’t, but it’s always nice to hear nice things from readers.


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