Top 5 Reasons Why Reading on a Nexus 7 is Better Than a Kindle

Nexus7My wife bought me a Nexus 7 for Christmas. Jeff in work had been talking about how great tablets were for some time, so I wanted to try one out.

I’ve had a basic Kindle for a couple of years and have enjoyed reading on it. All things being equal, I still prefer paperbacks, but ebooks are so much cheaper that it’s difficult to justify buying a paperback.

I wasn’t expecting to use the Nexus 7 for reading, but I’ve found that it’s just better for reading than the Kindle. Here’s why:

1. No Percentage Bar

Kindle percent barI loath the percentage bar on my Kindle. It’s a constant distraction from the book I’m reading. It’s like a high score in a computer game, constantly telling you how well you’re doing.

When I read a book, I want to get immersed in the world of the book. Anything that can distract me is a negative. On the Kindle, that percentage is a distraction. I’m always looking to see if it’s going up quickly or slowly.

On the Nexus, the percentage is visible when you start reading and when you get to a new chapter. That’s it. That’s perfect, in my opinion.

2. Backlighting

Backlighting and a non e-ink screen can tire your eyes out, but sometimes I just wouldn’t get to read without a backlight. If my wife is sleeping, the light will wake her up. Let’s just saying waking her up would not be an optimal situation.

With backlighting, I can read in the dark as long as I want to without disturbing my wife.

3. Music

The Nexus isn’t just an e-reader either. It also has the capability to play music. I can plug in a set of headphones and leave the world behind. If my youngest son is watching Little Einsteins, or my two oldest are having a shouting match, I can crank up the music and concentrate on my book.

4. Pictures

The Nexus also has a full colour screen. Which means that I can now read graphic novels and download children’s books for my youngest. Recently, we’ve been reading “The Cat in the Hat” together and he’s been loving it. I couldn’t read it on my Kindle, and a physical copy would cost me at least $20 here in Norway.

5. Choice of E-Retailer

I love Amazon, but their 3G surcharge for some countries is absurd. No matter what the price of the book, here in Norway we get charged an extra $2 as a 3G surcharge and then 26% tax on top of that. So a 99 cent book is $3.74. On Kobo, it’s 99 cents.

The 3G surcharge is there, regardless of if you just have wi-fi support on your Kindle. I’m getting charged $2 for a service I can’t possibly use. With the Nexus, I at least have the possibility of getting around that.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my list of reasons that the Nexus is better than the Kindle. Why not comment below and tell me why I’m right/wrong? Or let me know the e-reader you prefer?

If you’d like to pick up a Nexus 7 yourself, here’s a link to Amazon for you. It’s an affliate link, so the price remains the same for you, and I get a small percentage of the sale price. So using this link supports my blog while also getting you a nice shiny Nexus.


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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Why Reading on a Nexus 7 is Better Than a Kindle

  1. How do they compare for weight? Being able to operate for extended periods without being able to rest it on my lap is a consideration for me.

    • Both are about the same (Very light). I can hold either in my hand for over an hour without a problem. The only issue I’ve had, is when I’m lying in bed. If I’m holding the tablet at chest level, I can get pins and needles after an hour or so. But that’s just from holding it in a strange position.

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