Top Twelve New Musical Discoveries of 2013

This is a list of music that I discovered in 2013 that I really loved. These aren’t necessarily new songs, but they are ones that I only discovered this year. Why twelve? This was meant to be a top ten, but I like all of these songs too much to cut any of them.

The Entire Playlist:

1. New Slang – The Shins

2. Kidnapping an Heiress – Black Box Recorder

3. My Recurring Dream – Cold Mailman

4. When I’m Alone – Lissie

5. Bluebird – Krista Polvere

6. Rainbow – Oh Land

7. Hanging Song – Bill Ryder-Jones

8. House of the Rising Son – Joan Baez

9. A Hobson’s Choice – Clogs

10. Lotion – Greenskeepers

11. Tropicana – Ratatat

12. Tall Boy – Har Mar Superstar


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