True Detective Season 1, Episode 2 – Seeing Things

WARNING: Spoilers for True Detective Season 1, Episode 2

True detectiveCohle and Marty’s investigation continues into the murder of a prostitute. They are left without many leads. The victim seems to have been down on her luck, with a boyfriend in prison and no money or friends to speak of.

They manage to trace her place of business to a brothel stuck out in the woods. The women there offer very little in terms of help, other than a bag of the victim, Dora’s things. That bag contains a church flyer. All of the people who knew the victim even casually have talked about her finding a new church.

Cohle and Marty check it out and find a large painting of a woman with horns on her head, just like Dora had when she died.

The investigation went slowly in this episode. Not that it was boring, though. There were plenty of other things that happened to keep it interesting.

We found out the whole story of what happened to Cohle between his daughter’s death and joining homicide. He went of the rails entirely, joined the drug squad and went deep undercover with the cartels, amongst others. It sounds like he just wanted to go out in a blaze of glory.

Marty, meanwhile, hooks up with his mistress to “blow off some steam”. Neither his mistress or his wife seem entirely happy with the situation. That’s something I’ve never seen on the screen that would be worth exploring. Why do these women put up with some middle-aged cop whose lousy to them and usually drunk? I know that it probably happens in real life, but on TV we only ever get one side of it.

McNulty in The Wire was the same. He only ever treated his wives/girlfriends like crap. McNulty, however, could be charming. Marty doesn’t seem to have the same level of charisma.

It might just be a TV trope in order to show naked women.

This episode more or less just continued the story set up by the first episode. We got very little movement in terms of the case, but a lot of colour to keep us going. Cohle and Marty also ended with a deadline, two weeks to get a solid lead.

We also got a hint of a “showdown in the forest”, which was a nice sneak peek into what will probably be coming up in a future episode.


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