TV Shows: Leverage vs Hustle

Hustle-series5castI always liked Hustle. With an identical plot and similar characters, Leverage could be seen as being an unofficial spin-off of Hustle. Leverage does a few things better than Hustle, though.

For one, the humour in Leverage is better. While Hustle had its funny moments, Leverage just seems to do the laughs better. A lot of this seems to be down to the more exagerated characters in Leverage. In Hustle, everyone has their quirks, but they’re all pretty much normal people. Leverage, however, features a group of people who all have social problems more than quirks. This allows for more humour in the character interactions.

LeverageThe second reason why I think Leverage is better than Hustle is the heists themselves. Hustle was often about the talking. Leverage is more about the doing. Leverage has cool reveals and fancier stunts. Granted, Hustle didn’t have the budget of Leverage, but if you don’t allow for budget, then Leverage is just more impressive.

On acting, I think it’s pretty much a draw. Adrian Lesten and Marc Warren are the stand outs in Hustle, in my opinion. But who doesn’t love Christian Kane and Beth Riesgraf.

I think either show is well worth a watch. If you’ve watched one and liked it, then I’d recommend catching the other. However, in my opinion, if you haven’t already, you should go and check out Leverage right now on Netflix.


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4 thoughts on “TV Shows: Leverage vs Hustle

  1. I have watched both. I prefer Hustle, the cons are a bit more interesting. Leverage uses technology as a shortcut in a lot of scenarios while Hustle does it old-school. Both are very enjoyable shows.

    • You’re right. Leverage does use technology as a bit of a crutch sometimes. But as a computer nerd myself, I’m happy to see a fellow computer nerd like Hardison be the hero sometimes 🙂

  2. I liked them both. But for me hustle is so much more fun to watch than leverage. I like the spirit of true grifter-no shame-we do it for money kinda thing while leverage have to repeat the Robin Hood story in every episodes. I love Beth riesgraf character tho..

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