Unrequited Love

Dublin smallJust yesterday, I posted a new vlog video where I go into my personal experience with unrequited love (http://simoncantan.com/ULove). Which sparked a conversation with my friend Jeff about the absolute differences between our upbringings.

Where I was raised in a very Catholic country, in a conservative time, where kissing someone was alright, but anything more than that was a strict no-no. Which makes it sound like I grew up in the fifties, but I was a teenager in the late eighties. If you’d have asked me about the probability of me having sex at age fourteen, I would have said there was more chance of me visiting Narnia.

Jeff, meanwhile, grew up in California in the seventies and had a totally different experience. It was before AIDS, when everyone was having sex with everyone else, taking drugs and going to concerts. In other words, far more fun than my teenage years.

Of course, this makes me insanely jealous. Who wouldn’t be? Who wouldn’t want to have lots of sex, do drugs and have fun? At least to have done that before getting settled down.

I got married at twenty-two, had children at twenty-three and have been working a day job to support my family since then. There were never any party days for me. Nor are there likely to be. I’m happily married and I have a three year old son (along with the now teenagers), so I still have to be the loyal husband, father and provider for my family.

However, Jeff wants to be a writer and I’m trying to persuade him to write his adventures and publish them. There are probably thousands of other people like me that didn’t have his experiences growing up. That’s what books are for – an opportunity for us all to live vicariously through him.

I’ve read a number of similar books I’ve enjoyed. “Is Harry on the Boat?” springs to mind instantly. Even if they’re not expertly written works of prose art, they’re fun to read.

What’s your favourite vicarious book? The book that describes a life you’ll never get to live, but secretly want to?


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  1. The Compleat Crow by Brian Lumley. I would love to be an independently-wealthy occultist who wasn’t enslaved to dark powers.

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