Vlog: What is Art?

I’ve been a little lax in updating my blog recently, so apologies to anyone following me. I’ve been deep in writing mode for Greenstar Season 1 and Hard Vacuum 2, surfacing to only make the occasional vlog. If you haven’t seen my YouTube channel, I vlog one or two times a week. I’ve found that far more people are interested in watching a short video than reading a blog post, so that’s the direction I’ve been moving in.

I’ve also started something else on my YouTube channel called “Writing On Air”. This is of questionable interest to anyone, but I start a Google Hangout when I start a writing session and then record the whole session. You can see me writing Greenstar, Hard Vacuum 2 or anything else I write in the future through these videos.

I don’t say much for the majority of the videos. I do take a break about every thirty minutes, though and then say a little about what I’m working on. If you’re interested in just the talking bits, I’ll be trying to make a condensed version for each video with just the talking bits in it.

Check out my YouTube channel over here: https://www.youtube.com/user/SimonCantan/feed


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