Last week I found a neat new website called WeBook.com. On it, authors upload the first few paragraphs of their book and people rate them. The idea is that the authors that get rated the highest get to upload more of their book. The larger samples that get rated highest get to send their entire books to agents.

That’s not why I like the website, though. I like it because if you review a bunch of samples, it truly hits home just how subjective fiction is. You can read a sample and hate it, but chances are high that someone will have rated it 5/5. You can read a sample and rate it 5, then go looking for the full book on Amazon (Which I did for one sample). Regardless of how perfect you think it is, someone will have given it a 1.

I’d recommend the website for any writer out there struggling with rejection. After ten minutes of rejecting things yourself, it hits home just how much it all depends on taste.



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