What happened to coming up with solutions?

There’s something that’s always annoyed me whenever I’ve tried to do something creative: People who talk about all the problems and don’t provide any solutions.

I used to make short films, and I ran into the same kinds of people that I meet now online in writers’ groups. I’ll come up with an idea of something I think is worth trying. Ten people then come forward to tell me the problems with my idea.

I’m not saying that my ideas are perfect, far from it. However, if you see a problem with an idea, how about providing a solution to the problem? Or, if you don’t have a solution, suggest someone that might have a solution to the problem.

In creative works, people seem to have this impression that the creators are some kind of other breed. That their ideas drip from their mouths fully formed and perfect. Personally, I don’t think this is true. I think creators are people that come up with a thousand stupid ideas, but that somewhere among those stupid ideas is one gem.

The way to finding that gem is to come up with solutions. If something is flawed, it doesn’t get better by hitting it with a hammer. You fix it by honing it, polishing it and repairing it.


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