Which Book Promotion Sites Work Best Right Now?

WriterI’ve just finished running promotions on four book promotion sites, so I thought I’d share the results. The sales from these promotions are what has led me to the conclusion on yesterday’s post: Are Trilogies The Best Thing to Write?

First up, I had a promotion on Book Sends. They are relatively expensive, at $120 for my promotion, but had worked well for me in 2013. The promotion on Book Sends translated to around 3000 downloads of The Bite on the Line.

Next, I had a promotion on eBook Soda. This is a smaller site, and happened the day after Book Sends, so it’s difficult to decouple the results there, but I think they got me around 400 downloads.

Fussy Librarian is another smaller site and got me around 200 downloads.

Previously, EReader News Today in 2014 netted me 11,000 downloads. This time, though, only around 500 people downloaded the book.

So, altogether my promotions cost me about $150 for 4,100 downloads. From previous experience, that leads to around 61 paid sales, which will mean about $550 in the next three months or so. So the promotion easily covers my costs.

Why do I then think that trilogies are better? A large part of it is from the results of these promotions. They’re all lower than I previously got and I think that’s because everyone has seen The Bite on the Line before. Anyone who subscribes to one of these lists has already seen the first book and decided if they want to read it or not.

A new trilogy would mean a new series starter to promote. Which would be a fresh book to show to the email list subscribers. Which would push it up the charts, which would mean more visibility and even more readers.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m going to drop anything I have in progress. The Bytarend books are still next on my list. It’s just something I see as a tactic to try next year.


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