Who wants to write an Eighties Movie?

I’ve come up with something, that I think could be a lot of fun and would seriously boost cross-promotion. See what you think:

A book series called “Eighties Movies”, written by any author who wants to participate.

The rules would be:
1. Your book has to be in the style of an 80s movie. ie. It should use tropes that were common in the 80s. For example, a muscular hero in an action book, or a pining best friend in a romance title, who’s the real love that the hero hasn’t seen all along.
2. Your book has to feature the series name “Eighties Movies” and a volume number determined by me on a first published basis.
3. Your book can be as silly and shlocky as you like. This is the 80s, remember. My tip would be write it fast, do a few minimal story fixes, copy-edit and publish. If people say it’s bad, well it’s meant to be, this is the 80s.
4. You don’t owe me or anyone else royalties for writing in the series.
5. But don’t rip off someone else’s idea for a book.
6. Stories can be any length.
7. Stories can be any price.
8. Every book has to feature a trailers section at the back. The trailers section has to feature 3 book thumbnails and blurbs of 3 other books in the 80s movie series not by you. The trailers can also feature 1 book by you. (All of those provided they exist when publishing).
9. This is not a parody series. Don’t write a spoof version of a movie that exists. You can, however, write something close to something that exists. (Like Hardware was for Terminator, for example).

I’ve set up a community for it here:

Please join if you’re interested.


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3 thoughts on “Who wants to write an Eighties Movie?

  1. Interesting. I just made my roommate watch Joe Dante’s “Small Soldiers”, which in my opinion was a brilliant film that was marketed all wrong. Rather like “Gremlins”, “Small Soldiers” was sold as a children’s film when it really wasn’t.

    I don’t want to definitely say I’ll produce something right now (I’m in the midst of wrapping up an anthology project and I just started my third novel) but I have an idea that might go somewhere. I went ahead and joined the Google group, anyway.

    A group of oddball, outcast kids accidentally awaken a collection of animated, malevolent toys and have to find how to stop them (because, of course, no adults will believe them.) Kind of “The Goonies” meets “Puppet Master”.

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