Why I Gave up on Bitten During Episode 2.

BittenLast week, I watched episode one of the new werewolf show, “Bitten”. As I said in my review, it was alright, but not brilliant. The show had a lot of introductions and not much action.

Unfortunately, episode two of the show continued with more of the same. We met yet more of the main character’s brothers and saw yet more wistful staring into the moonlight.

I gave up after about fifteen minutes of the episode. While it may pick up, there are just too many excellent shows on television for me to watch a mediocre one. It just didn’t grab me.

While I didn’t watch “True Blood” past season one, you had to hand it to that show. They never left you bored. You might think it was convoluted or silly, but you weren’t bored.

“Bitten” just seems like the writers don’t have anything to say. It seems like they’re just trying to create a werewolf show because werewolves are popular right now. If you don’t have anything new to say, then maybe you shouldn’t try to say anything.

For me, at least, my werewolf show will continue to be “Teen Wolf”. It’s silly and non-sensical at times, but just like “True Blood”, it’s never boring.


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