Why I probably won’t buy any next generation console this time around

The Xbox One just got announced, and it has made a lot of gamers extremely unhappy. Xbox one seems to be focusing more on being an entertainment centre than anything else. I don’t own an Xbox 360, but I do own a Playstation 2, 3 and a Wii. I quite like my PS3, and I got plenty of enjoyment out of the other two.

At the moment, though, I won’t be buying any console from the new generation. The main reason being, so far I’ve seen no reason to do so. I also own a gaming PC. Nothing special, it’s two-and-a-half years old, and it wasn’t top of the line at the time. It does, however, run any game I’ve every game I’ve ever tried on it.

I have a few cables going from my PC to my living room, which mean that I can play anything I want on my big screen TV, as well. So what are the new generation of consoles giving me that I can’t get from my PC?

I would personally be surprised if this generation of consoles is as successful as previous generations because before there was a reason to buy a console. I bought three of them, each for very good reasons:

–          The PS2 had impressive games and was also a cheap DVD player at a time when DVD players were expensive;

–          The Wii had a different kind of gaming that at the time seemed to hold a lot of promise. It didn’t live up to that promise, but that’s why I bought one, at least;

–          The PS3 had solid games and was a Blu-ray player at a time when Blu-ray players were extremely expensive. It’s a great entertainment centre, and I’m playing Sly 4 at the moment.

From my admittedly non-expert take so far on the next generation:

–          The Wii U features a tablet. I can buy an iPad or Android tablet and do more with it. So why do I need a Wii U tablet? I also think it looks clunky to play with;

–          The PS4 has more social integration. I have that already on Steam. One thing I did like was pausing where you are in a game when you quit, so you can start it later at the same place. It’s not enough for me to buy a PS4, though.

–          The Xbox One has TV. I already own a TV, and I’m guessing it will be limited outside the US anyway.

I could still change my mind, depending on what comes out of E3, but at the moment, I just don’t see ever buying one of these consoles.

The Steam Box console, however, might sway me, depending on features. The same can be said for the Ouya, but I’m less convinced there.


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  1. I feel the exact same way. It’s like.. the PC gamers are watching the console gamers fight it out and betting on who will win… Kinda reminds me of those caged animal fights a bit lol

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