Why I’m getting tired of “The Walking Dead”

Warning: Full spoilers for everything up to season 4, episode 5 of “The Walking Dead”

For the first two seasons, I loved “The Walking Dead”. Season three was very shaky, especially with everything around Andrea. The main reason being, that Andrea had previous acted intelligently and now she was stupid whenever it suited the plot.

The series has gone from shaky in season three to shonky in season four. Where in season three, a few people did stupid things. It was mostly Andrea. Season four is now a stupidity festival. Everyone who was previously competent is now ridiculously clumsy and inept.

In the first couple of seasons, you might expect people to do stupid things around the zombies. Now, however, the characters seemed to have developed amnesia about what’s dangerous. They constantly tempt fate, turning their backs on zombies, going out into zombie infested areas without backup, trying to wrestle zombies, wasting bullets and making lots of noise.

Characters have to learn. Otherwise, it gets incredibly frustrating. In the comics, the characters do learn and don’t make the same mistakes again. In the TV show, they seem doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

The way to challenge characters who have experience is by throwing tougher challenges at them. It is not to have them bumble and fumble like they’re still on day one of the zombie outbreak.

Other missteps in season four have been the disease and the continued soap opera conversations. Okay, we get it – you all care about each other and don’t want to see each other die. We don’t need to see endless “perhaps goodbye” conversations. These situations have happened every day since the outbreak. Did you really have an hour long conversation about how much you mean to each other every time?

The disease is incredibly stupid. So, swine flu didn’t break out with billions of people in the world, but it does with eight pigs and thirty humans? That’s just stupid. If it’s not swine flu, but is being carried by the zombies, that’s even stupider. Dead bodies can’t infect each other. There’s nothing to infect. They don’t have any blood circulating.

Maybe I’m being too critical, but having read the comics and seen how good “The Walking Dead” can be, I’m finding it harder and harder to tune in.


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3 thoughts on “Why I’m getting tired of “The Walking Dead”

  1. this shit needs to end am getting tired of watching it it needs to move on by now we all get it and lets move on

  2. where did you find these actors?? you must be on a real no talent budget???

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