Why I’m Not Going to Regularly Review TV Shows Anymore

WriterFor a little over six weeks, I have been reviewing episodes of TV shows on this blog. The intention being to comment on something I love doing (watching TV), while hopefully picking up new readers for my books. Obviously, I hoped that the posts would be entertaining as well.

I love a lot of television shows that are on at the moment. I don’t think television has ever been better than it is today, but reviewing episodes of TV takes time. On my blog so far this year, I’ve written over 24,000 words.

That’s almost half a novel written on the subject of television, movies and books. It was fun to write it, but I don’t want to be a TV journalist, I want to write fiction.

After writing all those articles, I’m not sure that they’ve resulted in anyone reading one of my books. Meanwhile, my YouTube channel has resulted in quite a few people going to visit my books on Amazon. My show, Legendary Author Battles, is essentially story-telling – the same thing that I want to do for a living.

So I’m not going to review any more television shows on a regular basis. Instead, I’m going to concentrate on writing more fiction. Hopefully my readers will appreciate that more than a new review of The Borgias or True Detective.

For anyone that was following my reviews, I’m sorry to cut you off like this. Hit me up on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and I’ll happily chat about any show I was reviewing. I may still post my thoughts on complete seasons, or outstanding episodes. Thanks for reading!


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