Why You Should be Watching The Self-Publishing Podcast


The Self-Publishing Podcast is a YouTube show and podcast hosted by Johnny B Truant, Sean Platt and David Wright. In case you don’t know who they are, they’re three very popular independent writers with dozens of books to their names.

Johnny, Sean and Dave started their podcast in 2012 and since then have been going from strength to strength. I started listening in January of 2013 and their podcast helped revolutionised the way I write books.

Their method is simple: write, publish, repeat. They believe that you should write a lot, write often, finish what you write, publish it and move on. So no endlessly fretting over a single book, just write it to the best of your ability, publish it and move on to the next one.

However, that wasn’t the key to their helping me. The key thing that helped me to finish books and get them published was seeing someone else doing it and doing it quickly. If you watch from the start of the show, you’ll see that Johnny starts off saying that what Dave and Sean do is impossible. He often describes himself as a “mere mortal” and says that writing one book took him a decade.

Two years later, Johnny (together with Sean) is publishing dozens of books a year and is a key-note speaker at writing conferences.

See, this is why I think you should watch. All writers are climbing a mountain to success. The temptation to stop and take a break, or to turn around and go home, is all too strong. The Self-Publishing Podcast is someone from the top of the mountain sending you a picture on your phone and saying, “Hey, man, check out the amazing view.”

Go watch an episode right now, you won’t regret it.


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4 thoughts on “Why You Should be Watching The Self-Publishing Podcast

  1. I have tried to get into it but the videos are too long and diffuse for me.

    As entertainment, I can see how the banter would be part of the charm; but I don’t have an hour to spare that frequently, so in a teaching aid I prefer a more focused approach.

    • Sure, I can see that. For me, I often have to sit doing repetitive tasks for hours on end, so having it as a background works well.

      They’ve mentioned themselves that they want to create edited five minute clips of their show where they describe some principle or practice that they use.

      If you ever work out or go for long walks, the iTunes podcast is ideal for that. As handsome as they are, you don’t need to see their faces 🙂

      • I tried listening while I do things, but that was where the bantering stream of thought caused the most issues: my mind was convinced I would miss the content under the banter, so I kept stopping what I was doing to listen properly.

        • Yeah, it can be tricky to just let some things go ignored. I really like their show, but there’s a reason mine is a little different.

          I think Writing Excuses is best if you’re looking for a short form show where have to concentrate on everything. SPP and STP are more relaxed experiences where not every word is important 🙂

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