Year End Roundup

WriterThis has been a busy year for me. I work full time as an IT engineer, so writing is a part time thing. As such, I have trouble fitting in everything I want to accomplish. However, this has been a particularly productive year, so I thought I’d sum up everything I got through this year. Prepare for some excessive self-congratulation.

At the start of this year I launched a new YouTube show and podcast called Legendary Author Battles. The show ran for ten episodes and produced some great stories, but eventually just ran out of steam. However, through the show I got to write with Dave Higgins and we decided to try writing something more substantial together.

At the same time, I brought out the third book in the Bytarend series in March, The Bite of Death. It was a little nerve wracking, as the books have built up a bit of a following. Nothing Earth-shaking, but substantial for me and something I’m both proud of and grateful for.

With the Bytarend fans satisfied for the moment, Dave and I set about writing the first season of Greenstar. Based around science-fiction television series, with a comedy slant, we found writing together very productive. So much so that the second season is now in progress.

Greenstar was huge, though, and took a lot of my time until summer. In July, however, I took a week off from my day-job to write Hard Vacuum 2. The first book had ended on an unintentional cliff-hanger, so I had to wrap things up. It turned into a book I’m particularly proud of. From its almost throwaway beginnings, the Hard Vacuum series has become something I can see myself writing more in.

Greenstar then moved into editing in August, followed by Hard Vacuum 2 editing in September. Then I had a task on my list that I was burning to do: reedit The Bite on the End of the Line. My first book had gotten a lot of positive feedback, but I also received some suggestions that it would benefit from a second look. So I set about fixing it in October. It turned into a much larger job than I’d expected and about 40% of it was completely rewritten.

Which took me through to November and the start of season two of Greenstar. At the same time, I’d been getting some gentle reminders that it had been a while since The Bite of Death came out and people were looking forward to the fourth Bytarend book. So I’ve started work on that yesterday.

It’s been a hectic year, but a lot of fun too. For anyone interested, here are my stats from the year:

644,898 words written.

263,630 words published.

797 hours of writing and writing related work completed.

Leading to 4 books published.

And for next year, my plan is to try to equal that. Greenstar seasons two and three will be out, along with The Bite of Forest Dark. As to other titles, nothing is set in stone yet, but I have some solo stuff and joint books with Dave that I’d love to get to.

Have a great new year, everyone!


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